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Quite a week. Quite a week indeed. This house has been a crazy place lately. With all the studying that I have been doing, the normal household schedule has taken a backseat. It is hard because on the one hand, I need to study in order to get the certifications which in turn will help to get a job. On the other hand, it is hard passing up the opportunities to play with my children at times when a normal job wouldn’t allow. I am trying to enjoy it while getting down to business. This past week though has worn me down mentally.

I just typed out my week and by the time I got to day 5 I realized that this was going to end up as one long boring post…so…I deleted it.

Afterthis past week my mind/soul is exhausted. This past February I started down the road to IT. It was suggested that I try and get a few certifications in order to get a job so I looked into it…things are still going well although no job yet. I also had 5 different people tell me that they thought I would do well in sales. So, now I am also looking into sales. I have three interviews on the horizon, one for a company I have never heard of, one with Aflac…yes that Aflac, and one at a local enterprise network company (I would be selling IT – interesting). So, as I try to find a career that I can enjoy…I wait.

The big thing I wonder more than anything else is this. How will my future job, whatever that ends up being, impact my ability to live in The Kingdom? I am excited to think of the opportunities that could come of a new career. I wonder if I get into IT how much I can do for God. I wonder if I get into sales how much I can do for God. I am excited at the possibilities.  Something that has been sticking in my mind recently is Acts 17 where Paul enters Athens. What does he do? He shows up…and he pays attention. When will we as a church start paying attention? Do we know the times in which we live like Paul and Issachar? (Issachar is OT – look it up) Do we know what people are thinking? Are we wasting time trying to speak to people who already ‘like us’? The delivery must change, the message can’t but the delivery must.

When I start my career will I show up and watch, or will I show up already knowing what they need? Do I understand the time in which I live? Am I ready to start a new career with God’s glory as the number one goal?




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