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What a night

So this has been an interesting night. After getting everything I needed for video game night, I settled into the church for a night of fun and fellowship. I was in the process of getting the iPod hooked up to the sound system when the storm of the century came to Scarborough. I mean it. I haven’t seen it rain that had since Tennessee. Well, after a few minutes it happened. Power failure. This however is no big deal because being on a major road, the church is usually one of he first places to get power back. As I am wondering where to find CMP’s number the phone rings, it is the alarm company calling…I reset the alarm but apparently they call anyway. I give them my name and off I go. This is not where it ends…the fire alarm is ALSO going off and I have no way of resetting this as I do not have THAT key. So, as I sit in the church wondering when the power will come back on, the original alarm starts going off again. I entered the pin again but it didn’t look like it took so I entered it in again. Oh, it took the first time so when I entered it again, I set the alarm. As I walked into the sanctuary the sound of a true burglar alarm starts. The one that you can hear a half mile away…I run to turn off the alarm AGAIN and the phone rings. It is the security company once again calling to see what’s up.┬áCome to find out, I have the pin to set/rest the alarm but I do not have the account number so if they call twice…I am out of luck. They said they would call their contact person (Bill) and let them know so I figure everything got taken care of.

The power never came back on…we had to cancel video game night…that is a lot of junk food that I have to find a stomach for.

Just when I think it’s over, I come home to find out that my in laws are on their way over with a present. A pool! They bought us a pool. So, I get started opening and setting it up when the air pump dies and I have to leave it laying on the grass. Bummer.



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