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New Job? Part de

So…AAA didn’t end up as planned. I was there for over a year selling home and auto insurance but I am now with Insphere Insurance Solutions. I am dealing with health insurance mostly but we deal with life, disability and long-term care as well. At this point, I have a product for literally everyone. If you would like more information you can give me a call at 284.3985 or visit more information. This is definitely a different life for me as I seek to basically start and run my own business from the ground up. I will be drinking much coffee so you should buy St. Arbucks stock now!

The process of adoption is mind-blowing. We are watching many people get everything together much faster than we have been able to. It is definitely a test of our faith as we watch the time tick away with no steps being taken.

With a new ojb comes a completely new schedule which should allow more updates. Although I do not think that people are flocking to this site, I do enjoy getting some thoughts out there.


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