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June Update

It is Wed June 20th and as of this moment we are waiting for a call from Rural Development or Steve to let us know when our new closing date will be. Things fell apart a week ago but they seem to be on the mend. The house we are buying went into foreclosure before we could close, so we had to straighten that out first.

As I sit here trying to set up appointments with people, I am blessed to know that so many of you are praying for us. We only seek God’s will in all of this and pray that He would make our path obvious. It is hard many times to work towards and end when that end can not be seen. I am blessed however to read 2 Corinthians 4 which says that I should not place my faith in what is seen but what is unseen. God has not told me to stop, so I won’t!

I have the opportunity to speak at Bible Baptist Church in Saco, ME on July 15th and we look forward to meeting new people and finding out what kind of support we can receive from that church congregation.

Emma and Samuel are both doing well living with Grammie and Papa and while it has been an adjustment for all of us, things are going well.

Laurie is getting quite anxious to move into our new house and start ‘nesting’ and that anxiousness is turning out to be quite a struggle. I am sure that out of all of us, she will be the most excited to move in.

Please pray
That we would get our housing situation settled.
That we would continue to persevere in support raising.
That we would be able to focus on the important aspects of a life for Him!

Looking forward to ministering to New England,
Don Coldwell, Jr and Family

It’s all about the Love – Luke 18:10-14


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