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Good News on the Last Day

Well, got a call today and I have an interview next week. Great news for the last day of the year. Great news for anyone who is looking for a job. I have been trying to figure out all day what I am going to say here. I got nuthin’! I am very excited to have an interview as it is the second one since I started looking for a job in August!…AUGUST! So, i am going to go enjoy my evening of taking down the Christmas tree with my wife and leave you with my favorite blogs as of late.

Here in no particular order are the 2008 whatsthemotivation blogs of the year awards…

This is my buddy Josh’s blog. Doesn’t blog every day which is quite nice for the reader. He has good insights and always quotes great sources. Introduces many things to me as well. Check it out. http://eucatastrophe101.wordpress.com/ 

Curt Schilling’s Blog…nuff said go sox! http://38pitches.weei.com/

This is a project put out by the Southern Baptists…wait stop…..give it a chance…another friend of mine writes for it! Some are cool…some…not so much but anything by Jonathan Frank is great…he’s the one who looks liek an American Eagle model in his picture…sorry Jonathan. http://josiahroad.com/

This is just a cool blog…check it out. http://creationproject.wordpress.com/

You can not read this without loving your man self…if you’re a woman…let me know how it works for yah? http://artofmanliness.com/

Ok here you go. If there has to be a winner…this is it. My wife and I CAN NOT read this blog without hurting ourselves laughing. If you have grown up in the church…you will laugh your Crested Butte off! If you haven’t…you will finally get all the inside jokes. This is a must read on the same level as Brave New World and Pilgrim’s Progress! You will thank me for this. Unless you don’t like sarcasm…in which case…ughhhh…Otte you won!  http://stufffchristianslike.blogspot.com/

There, my year end list. I haven’t posted enough to have a best of posts…and people don’t comment on my site…it’s ok I don’t cry about it…much. Enjoy your evening and drink up…you can read all about Christians and drinking on that last blog.  I’m still laughing….


Ok, I’m not done…just a note to say that when I spell checked this upon completion…every instance of ‘blog’ was underlined…so my blog doesn’t recognise the word blog! Hmmm



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