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Take a Break

No More PleaseI just love this picture. It makes me laugh EVERY time I see it. We had just given her medicine and she was not happy with us. I decided to ease up today and just chat. I don’t want to make it sound unimportant however since I am God’s child and He wants to give me good gifts. So, even when I do not speak of what I am reading or what I am thinking, I am experiencing His gifts. Children, technology, beer, wait sorry…soda. Today I want to share some pictures of gifts that God has given me. True I am looking for work, but I am still better off than 97% of the world as I sit here. So, here are just some of my gifts.

I seem to be having a problem with this so I will just make a gallery…check out the page titled Gifts.


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So, it has been a while now that I have sat back and reminised about my years in TN. When I arrived in the south as a long haired hippie yankee; I was immediately struck by the church covered streets of the south. Every where I looked I saw churches. Big churches, small churches, white churches, brick churches, traditional churches, contemporary churches…lots-o-churches.

I remember thinking that I was out of place. For so long I was in the minority to an exponential degree. Not only was I a christian, but I was a protestant! At one time the percentages were that Catholics made up 90% of all religion in Maine. The last 10% was EVERYone else. I have never seen that number substantiated by anything other than my high school experience but I can believe it.

Here I was in TN without any idea of how to defend myself against crazy rednecks who didn’t know the war was over! (Luckily I only ran into one and I quickly let him know I was born in GA so take it easy on me) With churches on every corner I started to live the life that I had never realized existed. Bible bookstores…wait the whole store is Christian? The Christian section in music stores is more than Michael W. Smith and Petra? I soon learned that Jesus was cool here and I just needed to relax and enjoy the ride.

I met some good people down there. Some of them I even have the opportunity to connect with on occasion thanks to facebook and the like. I am saddened by what has happened in my church down there and I pray that God has healed everyone involved. Other people that I was friends with have gone on to great things and I pray that God would bless and lead them.

That time in my life had ended when I started to feel a deep longing to minister to my homeland. I moved back to Maine to find exactly what I had left. This time however, I want to do something about it. Through my experience through EE and the new XEE (ask me about it) I am ready to help plow the fallow ground as Hosea says and reignite what used to be J. Edwards stomping grounds. I do not want to be like the south…they have their problems associated with their ‘spiritual affluence’ however, I do want people to meet THE Jesus and get THE salvation that He and only He offers.

We have been known as the black hole of Christianity for too long.

Thank you TN for igniting my fire…sack up gentlemen!

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Late Morning

Daddy and Me
Daddy and Me

So here we are. Sleeping in until 7 AM!!!!! I am usually a 5am kinda guy but not with my little girl beside me. She had shots yesterday and so she ended up in our bed last night. I didn’t get to workout this morning but I was able to do this.

So many things to say so few gigs to put it on. There have been many different happenings in the last few weeks that have thrown me for a loop. Many things that I would love to see from God’s point of view as I search to find a future within His will. Things are happening and life will be changing here in a while. I wonder if the change will be hard to take?
I have been studying Reformed Theology recently and have come to the conclusion that it is not as evil as my upbringing has led me to believe. I first had my interest peaked while in college and there was a guy there who was all about the Reformed way of life. I was always intrigued by Mr. Keith D. and I wish I could hang out with him now to see where he fits into everything. I attended a Nazarene Church in TN which has roots in the Wesleyan movement. In fact, I can still picture the Wesley Study Bible that EVERYone walked around with. I remember being intrigued with the ideas that they had. Although never FULLY agreeing to what they were saying I can say that i felt at home there and was not looked down upon for my (correct) beliefs. As I came home to an Independent Baptist Church (read into that whatever you want) I was struck at how they were similar as much as different. Either way, it still didn’t click to me. I am finding myself drawn to the ideas of the Reformed tradition ore and more. A while ago I explained that I was liberal in my conservativeness. I was asked to explain that and couldn’t. I knew it in my head but couldn’t put it to words.  Then I found churches like Mars Hill (the good one in Seattle) and The Village in TX (give em the benefit of the doubt). These guys are reformed but not stodgy. They are what I thought I was but could not put words to.
I drink beer. Beer is ok.
People need to repent or face hell.
These two ideas can co-exist!
Yeah new-reformers! Check out their podcasts. You WILL be drawn to God.
So I think I need to start reading more R.C. Sproul. I never thought I would hear myself say that!

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I know another quote means that I couldn’t come up with anything original.  Well, there is a lot in my life right now so when things speak to me…I share them.

This is a quote from Too Christian, Too Pagan by Dick Staub

Following Jesus today requires you to practice that same single minded conformity. And it will produce the same effect on your life that it did with Jesus. If you truly follow Jesus, in addition to enjoying a most excellent adventure, you will likely end up seeming too Christian for many of your pagan friends and too pagan for many of your Christian friends. When you truly follow Jesus, you’ll spend considerable time in the world like He did, and as a result, many of your religious friends will think you’re too irreligious. On the other hand, many of your irreligious friends will find it odd that you are so focused on the spiritual. Thus, you end up seeming both too Christian and too pagan.

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Rats in the Cellar

This is an excerpt from Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. I read it again today and it always gets me so here goes…

We begin to notice, besides our particular sinful acts, our sinfulness; begin to be alarmed not only about what we do, but about what we are. This may sound rather difficult, so I will try to make it clear from my own case. When I come to my evening prayers and try to reckon up the sins of the day, nine times out of ten the most obvious one is some sin against charity; I have sulked or snapped or sneered or snubbed or stormed. And the excuse that immediately springs to my mind is that the provocation was so sudden and unexpected; I was caught off my guard, I had not time to collect myself. Now that may be an extenuating circumstance as regards those particular acts: they would obviously be worse if they had been deliberate and premeditated. On the other hand, surely what a man does when he is taken off is guard is the best evidence for what sort of man he is? Surely what pops out before the man has time to put on a disguise is the truth? If there are rats in a cellar you are most likely to see them if you go in very suddenly. But the suddenness does not create the rats: it only prevents them from hiding. In the same way the suddenness of the provocation does not make me an ill-tempered man; it only shows me what an ill-tempered man I am. The rats are always there in the cellar, but if you go in shouting and noisily they will have taken cover before you switch on the light.

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Oh My Goodness

So, L and I were very excited to get out of the house on time today. We were planning on getting to church at 9:30 in order to join the prayer group before church. Well, S woke up naked, sitting on urine soaked sheets. This obviously putus a little behind. We managed to still get out of the house in time to fill-er-up at Sam’s for 3.99 a gallon. We arrive at church and it all goes crazy. S won’t get out of my arms so i don’t make it to prayer, a girl fainted in the entryway, there were extra children in the nursery, and literally half the communion bread was knocked onto the floor.

Ummmm who thinks Satan was at work? It is interesting that as we get closer to hearing what God has to say to us in Acts, it is getting harder and harder to ‘do’ church. Things are happening, I won’t say ‘going wrong’ since none of that was wrong per se, however, it was out of the ordinary and I think, meant to distract us. I am so excited about what is happening at church.

Many things are going on Harvest Bible Chapel in Scarborough, ME. Come join us!

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Great Mind

I heard of this from a good friend’s blog and I thought I would share it with you guys. Click HERE for N.T. Wright on The Colbert Report.


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