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What a night

So this has been an interesting night. After getting everything I needed for video game night, I settled into the church for a night of fun and fellowship. I was in the process of getting the iPod hooked up to the sound system when the storm of the century came to Scarborough. I mean it. I haven’t seen it rain that had since Tennessee. Well, after a few minutes it happened. Power failure. This however is no big deal because being on a major road, the church is usually one of he first places to get power back. As I am wondering where to find CMP’s number the phone rings, it is the alarm company calling…I reset the alarm but apparently they call anyway. I give them my name and off I go. This is not where it ends…the fire alarm is ALSO going off and I have no way of resetting this as I do not have THAT key. So, as I sit in the church wondering when the power will come back on, the original alarm starts going off again. I entered the pin again but it didn’t look like it took so I entered it in again. Oh, it took the first time so when I entered it again, I set the alarm. As I walked into the sanctuary the sound of a true burglar alarm starts. The one that you can hear a half mile away…I run to turn off the alarm AGAIN and the phone rings. It is the security company once again calling to see what’s up. Come to find out, I have the pin to set/rest the alarm but I do not have the account number so if they call twice…I am out of luck. They said they would call their contact person (Bill) and let them know so I figure everything got taken care of.

The power never came back on…we had to cancel video game night…that is a lot of junk food that I have to find a stomach for.

Just when I think it’s over, I come home to find out that my in laws are on their way over with a present. A pool! They bought us a pool. So, I get started opening and setting it up when the air pump dies and I have to leave it laying on the grass. Bummer.



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New Joy

Yesterday the van was full of kids. Every seat was full and every one of them had a car seat in it. This is a big deal. While I knew that they weren’t all mine however, it was still sobering to see that many little humans in my care at one time. I have been with kids before. In fact I have always been relatively comfortable hang around kids and taking care of them. This time however, I found a new joy in children. That new joy is the fact that I only have three of them! Holy moly my head is still spinning! All in all they were well behaved so it wasn’t as if I was stressed because of that…it was just that I had different conversations to keep track of and I had to be able to join in at any given time to any of them without warning. It was a great day at the beach and I enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again, with someone else’s kids not 5 of my own!

There is a big shift in Harvest Scarborough land as the elders are making some decisions that will ultimately effect change in the way ministry is done. We are seeing a change in this world and we are trying to adapt to the needs of the people without causing damage to our ability to preach the gospel. I am very excited about these changes and I look forward to who will be led to this church.

Nothing to drastic and earth shattering will come of any of this however if the gospel is not preached. Too many times we find churches especially in New England that have lost their gospel. They knew it at one time, however, they have placed another ‘functional’ savior in the place of Jesus. This will rot a church faster than most other sins out there.

Rant, rant, rant, I could go on for days but I will leave everything with a quote from Oswald Chambers.

“If I do my duty, not for duty’s sake, but because I believe God is engineering my circumstances, then at the very point of my obedience the whole superb grace of God is mine through the atonement.”

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Great Mind

I heard of this from a good friend’s blog and I thought I would share it with you guys. Click HERE for N.T. Wright on The Colbert Report.


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It was a late night/morning as I stayed up to watch the best basketball team in history win their 17th championship. Congratulationsto the Celtics of Boston! I tried to find a video to imbed but there isn’t much out yet so it’s no video today.

For father’s day I received a men’s booklet. Sounds exciting no? It is a 25 day Bible study from the man’s sector of Living Proof Ministries from Beth Moore fame. It is written by her son-in-law and so far it is quite good. Although I have only done one day so far; I am impressed by the simplicity. There is the typical daily verse followed by a short thought provoking message. A few more verses to read that buttress the thought and we are off to the questions. This section is broken down into two sections: the first being a few questions to ask about yourself and where you are in regards to the reading, then the part I like the best is an outline to write you daily prayer. Since they do not give you much room to write, I found myself remembering what I wrote more easily, leading me to be able to pray the same prayer throughout the day. I will have a review upon completion.

I have also recently started reading The Divine Comedy by Dante. It is actually quite good. I first picked it up years ago after watching the movie 7 but never opened it. I saw it on the shelf and decided to give it a run around the block. So far I am pleasantly surprised. I have never been a sucker for poetry but this is reading smoother than most. I will say that an understanding of the world that Dante lived in helps even in the first 5 cantos of the poem. Nothing vast in needed but the introduction in whatever translation you get is imperative. It is very interesting to see the worldview that someone in this life would have had. Would we be any different? Well, either way, great beach read…check it out.

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Two weeks. Two weeks to give what God has given me to say. I know where I was headed, but did I get there? Preaching has always been cathartic for me as I close in on what God has for me each time I bring the Word to others. Whether it is for youth ministry, small groups, or a church service; it has always brought my mind into ‘that’ place. The place where theology meets methodology. Where emotion and volition meet God. I do not fancy myself a preacher as much as a guy who preaches. When I think of preachers I think of people who at any time can bring the Word of God to the people. What I do is more like ranting, however, it still feels so right. I look forward to tying up the loose ends that left untied last week. If you wonder what I mean, feel free to check out the podcast from Harvest Bible Chapel Scarborough, ME. I started Nehemiah and I think I left people more confused than they came in. Hopefully, however, I will bring it all together and say to them what God has said to me. Hope to hear from you if you check out the podcast.

Go Celtics!

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