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It Isn’t Supposed To Be This Way

In case some of you don’t watch what’s going on with my Dad. Here is what I just posted on

In the beginning Adam & Eve enjoyed perfect communion with each other and with God. The idea of cancer, death, sickness, or mourning was not found anywhere. Sin entered into the picture fracturing all of creation, and we live with these consequences daily. It isn’t supposed to be this way.

But yet, it is.

Dad is at peace.



Even though sin crushed our world, causing pain and suffering, yesterday we celebrated the defeat of that death. Romans 6:9 states that death HAS NO DOMINION over Jesus. Titus 3:7 explains that we became heirs along with Christ BY GRACE. Dad and Christ are heirs. Dad was adopted to become a child of God and lives looking forward to his next level of inheritance – ultimate healing. Do I pray that God miraculously heals my Dad tonight? – YES. Do I also believe that God, not wanting to see his creation destroyed, sent his Son Jesus to live a perfect life and be killed for it? – YES. Do I also believe that God raised Jesus from the grave, miraculously defeating death and allowing my Dad to get a taste of that? – YES. When my Dad dies, no matter when that is, it will be miraculous when he stands face to face with his one and only savior. Either way it’s a miracle.

People have been making music since the beginning of time yet it was not until recently that this song was written and released to the public. The song is Worn by Tenth Avenue North and it has a few lines that are speaking to me these days.

I know I need to lift my eyes up, but I’m too weak, life just won’t let up. And I know that You can give me rest, so I cry out with all that I have left.

Dad meets with the hospice nurse tomorrow afternoon and we pray that they will be able to come up with a plan of action that helps him. Please take this opportunity to leave a note here. If you have been wanting to send a note of encouragement and prayer but have been waiting, wait no longer.




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Ed Stetzer – New England: New Research and Analysis on America’s Least Religious Region

This was recently published by Ed Stetzer and it speaks loudly to what many of us have been experiencing already. Join with me and pray for New England. Let’s not make this report merely eye opening but action inducing.


Ed Stetzer – New England: New Research and Analysis on America’s Least Religious Region.

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Old Years Recap and New Years Hope

Dear Friends and Family,
Well it seems we didn’t get Christmas cards out this year.  For one reason (or maybe 100 reasons) it just didn’t happen.  So lucky you gets our e-version of a New Years letter!

The past year has brought it’s share of surprises and excitement…and yet at the same time its share of sadness.
In March we celebrated Laurie’s one year anniversary from her aneurysm.  As we looked back over the prior year we were amazed at how far God had brought us.  We followed that up by celebrating 2 birthdays (Laurie’s and Eliza’s 3rd birthday) and then a trip to Haiti!  It was then that we got to meet and spend time with Djemson and Sophia.  We loved our time there and we miss them!  We also are amazed at how quickly Emma, Sam and Eliza have loved them, and how often they ask when they will be home.  They pray for them, talk about them, and draw pictures of them.
May brought about our ten year anniversary, but it was the middle of gearing up for Emma’s dance recital with practices!  We were very proud of Emma and the work she put in to her dance class this past year, and we look forward to this coming recital in June.  We were able to go away in June for a weekend for our anniversary, which was a nice time away.
June also saw the end of preschool for Sam, and the completion of 2nd grade for Emma.  Both did an excellent job in school and while they looked forward to the summer, they were sad to see the school year end.  We were able to fill the summer with trips to the library, stops at the park, lots of playing at beaches and lakes, a weekend camping trip and Sam’s 5th birthday!  We had a great summer of the kids being home.
The end of August brought Laurie’s first seizure.  We are thankful that she was in a public place with the kids and not driving (as was the original plan to just ‘head home’).  After a whirlwind week of doctors appoints she started Keppra and has been seizure free since.  In November she was able to resume her normal activities including driving the kids to preschool, running errands and more.
School started late for Emma thanks to Hurricane Irene, and she was very disappointed, but 3rd grade is going well.  Sam and Eliza are both in preschool this year ~ Sam goes 3 days a week and Eliza goes 2 days.  They like being at the same school and love their friends and their teachers.  We are blessed to have them!  September also brought Djemson’s birthday and Don’s birthday.  The fall also brought the beginning of soccer season where all 3 kids played.  It was a great fun season.  We also saw the completion of collecting every piece of paper for our Dossier.  We were excited to see that we have all those papers!
With the completion of the Dossier, comes the need for finances.  It has been weighing heavy on our hearts as yesterday was Sophia’s 9th birthday.  We miss our kids, and we long to have them join us.  In honor of Sophia’s birthday (and Djemson’s birthday in September) we are asking people to consider donating to our adoption fund so that we can send in our Dossier and the process really begin in bringing them home.  Our ‘timer’  does not start until our final payment is made and our Dossier is delivered.  Donations can be made at Sanford Institution for Savings, 254 Long Plains Rd, Buxton, ME 04093. Please make gifts payable to ‘Haiti Children’ fund. You can also use Paypal through Laurie’s website
We look forward to what God has for us in 2012.  If we had sent a ‘real’ Christmas card there would have been two photos included.  So we leave these with you. Love the Coldwell Jr Clan.

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Waning Hours Of 2011

It was my goal to NOT post anything on 12/31/11 or 01/01/12 for the sole reason of not wanting to be like everyone else. It seems like this is the time to be pensive and write it all out for everyone to see. My plans however don’t always end up being the best plans.

Today is our sweet daughter Sophia’s 9th birthday. Sophia (who’s given name is Richarmie) still lives in Haiti with her brother Djemson. As my previous posts have talked about, we are in the process of adopting these two children who watched their house fall on their parents in the recent earthquake. These two children have been on my mind a lot recently as we stagger through the year-end holidays. I pray that this is the last birthday she will spend in Haiti. I pray that we will be ready for her when she comes. I pray that I am the father that the Father has called me to be to all 5 of my children in the specific ways that they need me to be. I also pray that the money that we need to complete the first half of this adoption would be here soon.

With that I would like to offer  a plea. In honor of Sophia’s 9th birthday would you consider donating to our adoption fund? Even $10 can go a long way to bringing them home to their forever family. Maybe you can do more. Maybe you know of someone who has a passion for adoption and would enjoy giving as well even without knowing us.

If you are indeed interested in giving, you can send a gift to SIS, 254 Long Plains Rd, Buxton, ME 04093. Please make gifts payable to ‘Haiti Children’ fund. You can also use Paypal through my wife Laurie’s website Feel free if that works better for you.

Please also pray for:

  • The health of Sophia and Djemson
  • The paperwork in Haiti that takes quite a bit of time
  • The court system that is flooded with adoption requests
  • Our hearts as we wish we could be with them but are unable to travel like we would wish
  • The funding for this adoption – we have been blessed so far and look to be amazed at how God provides next


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Baby Steps?

My youngest has been singing ever since gathered worship this morning. Power, power, wonder working power; of course it’s the Sean Dutton version not your typical piano/organ combo. It makes me happy to know that she is paying attention but it also is quite scary. You see, I am pretty sure that it the first time we have sung that song since she has been staying out with us before Sunday school. This means that she learned something after one hearing.

What does this mean for me? How many times has she heard me apologize to her after acting selfishly toward her? How many times has she heard me pray for our family? How many times has she heard me tell L that I love her? How many time has she heard so many of the things that will teach her more about the Gospel than any of the different versions of Daniel and the lions den. What she hears from my mouth regarding God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the Gospel…all these things matter much more than buying her the newest kids Bible, or sending her off to Bible class, or even when she gets older – shipping her off to Youth Group. We sometimes think in terms that would label this as baby steps but in actuality they are the very steps that will be with you for your entire life. If you ever get to a point that you do not need to do this, you have actually retarded your understanding as opposed to strengthened your understanding. Live the Gospel in front of your children.

Why does she need to hear this from me? I am her father. This comes with great responsibility as well as the opportunity for great blessing. If you can’t remember the last time you apologized either IN FRONT of your child or TO your child; consider that a reason to go do it right now.

Being a parent is not able being perfect, it’s about sharing God’s grace in your life with your children.

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Well. Nothing like a good ole’ seizure to liven things up. On March 13, 2010 our lives were made a bit more complicated by my wife’s aneurysm. Things have changed for our family as we have adjusted to the side effects of all the things that happened. There are many manifestations of these  changes but one thing remains the same. God is great – So we don’t have to be in control.

This week L had a seizure. It is nothing she had ever experienced before and it happened (once again) in front of the children while I was not with her/them. She knew something was happening and tried to text me but her fingers and her brain could not communicate enough and as she handed the phone to my oldest, she slipped out of her chair and into a seizure. I had absolutely no control over that yet God is still great.

These are the times that make us react in such a way that make us say,”God must be getting us ready for something big!” Well, what if that was the something big? What if your whole life was in preparation for tragedy? What if all you went through culminated in you being made weak?

All my life I have believed that God was preparing us for something and this was/is our way of having us feel important. This thought preys on our desire to self-glorify. “God is going to use me for something big!” we tell ourselves and each other. We must be something special we tell each other. So what did L’s time in the hospital get us ready for…a seizure? Is that what the BIG thing was?

What if I never do anything at all that is big?

Then to God be the glory as it is all His!

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New Job? Part de

So…AAA didn’t end up as planned. I was there for over a year selling home and auto insurance but I am now with Insphere Insurance Solutions. I am dealing with health insurance mostly but we deal with life, disability and long-term care as well. At this point, I have a product for literally everyone. If you would like more information you can give me a call at 284.3985 or visit more information. This is definitely a different life for me as I seek to basically start and run my own business from the ground up. I will be drinking much coffee so you should buy St. Arbucks stock now!

The process of adoption is mind-blowing. We are watching many people get everything together much faster than we have been able to. It is definitely a test of our faith as we watch the time tick away with no steps being taken.

With a new ojb comes a completely new schedule which should allow more updates. Although I do not think that people are flocking to this site, I do enjoy getting some thoughts out there.

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