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wrong about Jesus?

So THIS┬ástory showed up on Yahoo today. I love to read these stories just to see how far people go with them. Seriously, Mr. Bronner seems to assert that this tablet states that there was already the idea of a messiah raising after three days. Yeah, we know. It’s called the OT. Hegoes on to say that this artifact seems to point to Jesus’ death and resurrection as being fabricated to match the ideas already in place. Haven’t we already seen this argument in the form of accommodation? Jesus died, then he came back alive. A doctor said so (Luke) is a doctor’s job to know the difference between dead and alive.

Jesus was crucified, during this He was stabbed directly in His heart. Then He was placed in a tomb, wrapped in 100 +/- pounds of burial cloths and laid in a cold tomb. Starting three days later people saw Him alive.

Stupid stone tablet…now I have to leave the church!


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