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Ed Stetzer – New England: New Research and Analysis on America’s Least Religious Region

This was recently published by Ed Stetzer and it speaks loudly to what many of us have been experiencing already. Join with me and pray for New England. Let’s not make this report merely eye opening but action inducing.


Ed Stetzer – New England: New Research and Analysis on America’s Least Religious Region.


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What Can I Do?

I am having a hard time with something. I am feeling the weight of my decisions in a new way. Recently I have learned about the food that we eat as well as the economic framework of not only our country here in the USA but countries all over the world. I have always read about these issues but never dug into any one of them to see which side had more facts. Some say walmart is great for us, others say it is destroying us. Some say our food is healthy, some say it is destroying us.

If I am to worship God with everything I am, then I need to understand these issues. It was not until I realized that I was destroying the body God gave to me that I started to lose weight. This is the same reasoning that I feel this weight on me. Not the weight of pleasing God, the weight of taking care of what He has entrusted to me.

I was brought up to be a good conservative. Trickle down economics and three-piece suits were the training of my youth; so it feels very awkward to say that large corporations are ruining our quality of life. I’m not a journalist and I am not going to blather on about all the different things I have been reading about; that is your job to read and make your own decisions. I would love to chat with you regarding what your views are and how you are wading through the filth.

What can I do? Is there a way to earn a living and make a difference in Maine? Is there an organization devoted to worshiping God through healthy living? Should I start one if there isn’t? Would I love to start a non-profit…yes. Should I …? Am I reading too much? Am I learning too much? It was a lot easier when I trusted the FDA let alone the EPA which regulates a high percentage of the ingredients in the food that we eat.


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