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Waning Hours Of 2011

It was my goal to NOT post anything on 12/31/11 or 01/01/12 for the sole reason of not wanting to be like everyone else. It seems like this is the time to be pensive and write it all out for everyone to see. My plans however don’t always end up being the best plans.

Today is our sweet daughter Sophia’s 9th birthday. Sophia (who’s given name is Richarmie) still lives in Haiti with her brother Djemson. As my previous posts have talked about, we are in the process of adopting these two children who watched their house fall on their parents in the recent earthquake. These two children have been on my mind a lot recently as we stagger through the year-end holidays. I pray that this is the last birthday she will spend in Haiti. I pray that we will be ready for her when she comes. I pray that I am the father that the Father has called me to be to all 5 of my children in the specific ways that they need me to be. I also pray that the money that we need to complete the first half of this adoption would be here soon.

With that I would like to offer  a plea. In honor of Sophia’s 9th birthday would you consider donating to our adoption fund? Even $10 can go a long way to bringing them home to their forever family. Maybe you can do more. Maybe you know of someone who has a passion for adoption and would enjoy giving as well even without knowing us.

If you are indeed interested in giving, you can send a gift to SIS, 254 Long Plains Rd, Buxton, ME 04093. Please make gifts payable to ‘Haiti Children’ fund. You can also use Paypal through my wife Laurie’s website Feel free if that works better for you.

Please also pray for:

  • The health of Sophia and Djemson
  • The paperwork in Haiti that takes quite a bit of time
  • The court system that is flooded with adoption requests
  • Our hearts as we wish we could be with them but are unable to travel like we would wish
  • The funding for this adoption – we have been blessed so far and look to be amazed at how God provides next



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