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Dr. Oz

Here is a video with good information regarding pancreatic cancer.


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A while ago I wrote about and how I have decided that I would start doing something to help. Well, I have been doing as much as I can, considering how much money I don’t have coming in…but recently through the spotlight of stuff christians like I have found this organization. While I have heard about Free Trade items in the past, I had also heard valid arguments that in certain situations Free Trade hurts more than it helps. Either way, this new way of looking at Free Trade products has me thinking and I hope to get the opportunity to share this with many people.

This is clearly a way that we can do something tangible right now to help people who need help. Period.


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The Unborn

This is a good summary to think about.

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Here is a great article written by Mark Driscoll as found in the Washington Post.

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This past weekend at Lead09 was quite a trip. I kept oscillating between happiness and sadness as I saw both who was there, and who wasn’t. Knowing what the Gospel can do in the life of God’s church, I was saddened at the faces that I did not see there. Some are faces I would not expect to be there; but are saddened none the less. However, as I looked at the crowd of people who had gathered in Auburn, Maine to rededicate their lives to Gospel, Community, and Mission; I was given Joy from the Giver of Life to see people striving to live on mission for God. Both Tim Chester (blog) and Jonathan Dodson ( creation projectchurch planting novice), while under the power of the Holy Spirit, proclaimed Jesus’ name and called us to a life of worship through putting off the old and putting on the new.

Most if not all in attendance have many years of church experience, but not much Church experience. We were asked to put off church as an event and put on church as Gospel played out in community for God’s mission. These aren’t brand new themes, however, the point of the Gospel is easy to miss when we are not focused on Jesus.

Some favorite quotes from the weekend are as follows:

The burden of mission is laid on God, while the blessing of mission is given to us.

Christ did not die for ad hoc individuals

The church will never outperform the movies and t.v.

Pot luck dinners are an institutional answer to a communal question

The answer is always squirrel 

The key is beer and nametags

I look forward to Lead10 or whatever they call it next year. Maybe Lead 1 aught or Lead 1 nil or even Lead 1 love…either way I am looking forward to next year.


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