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New Job? Part de

So…AAA didn’t end up as planned. I was there for over a year selling home and auto insurance but I am now with Insphere Insurance Solutions. I am dealing with health insurance mostly but we deal with life, disability and long-term care as well. At this point, I have a product for literally everyone. If you would like more information you can give me a call at 284.3985 or visit www.insphereis.com/dcoldwell more information. This is definitely a different life for me as I seek to basically start and run my own business from the ground up. I will be drinking much coffee so you should buy St. Arbucks stock now!

The process of adoption is mind-blowing. We are watching many people get everything together much faster than we have been able to. It is definitely a test of our faith as we watch the time tick away with no steps being taken.

With a new ojb comes a completely new schedule which should allow more updates. Although I do not think that people are flocking to this site, I do enjoy getting some thoughts out there.


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Things are blowing up.

I recently sent out a prayer letter explaining what was happening with EE and where I was headed. I have posted it here and hope that you take the time to read it if you are interested. I have been having issues with our new email server so many people have not been receiving their updates. As I have been writing recently, my theology is in the process of blowing up and everything is changing. It all started years ago when I was in high school but did not realize it started that long ago. Either way, I am heading in a new career related direction. The world of IT is calling my name.

I know that the word missional has many connotations but using the strict definition we see it as the adjectival usage of missionary.  That is the life I now seek to live. Read into that what you want. If you are a MacArthur minion…I already know you aren’t a big fan of anything with even a hint of Emerging…too bad for you. There are too many definitions that are still up in the air that we need to nail down before we start throwing out bath water. If you are a McLaren fan…I will be praying for you. You need to understand the atonement!

Bah, not the point I was going for here but my mind left me for a bit. I became a zombie in a botnet for a minute. (ooo I am already using IT terms…I think correctly too!)

Bottom line. I hope that this blog can continue to be a place where I chat about what I see happening today. I’d love for you to join the conversation. And check out my new blog that will be updated irregularly with updates of my IT journey.



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Wow, has it been that long?

I can’t say that I am completely surprised it has been this long since my last post. Life has been full of twists and turns in the past two months. More than I have experienced in my life. Things are not dire, I do not intend to dramatize my life in any way, I only seek to blab on my blog. So, without further ado…adooo… without waiting any longer; here is my recent life.

1. In response to the last post; I finished the Shack. Yes it DID have many issues that are inexcusable. The  biggest issue of them all however, was the fact that this book is touted as the next Pilgrim’s Progress. It is being called the greatest work of allegory in years. Allegory? Allegory is speaking truth in fictional ways. Allegory is obvious. If this is intended to be allegory then the Theological implications are heretical. And thus, this book should be destroyed. If this is simply a work of fiction, we should treat it for what it is.  A book that will be forgotten in 10 years.

2. In mid September I realized how close I was to losing my job. The funding from the motherchurch was scheduled to run out the end of October. I had already started the process of applying for jobs when the reality of what was happening hit me. I needed a job. So, ever since then I have been hitting the virtual pavement. The problem with electronic applications is that many times your resume does not make it through the first filter for random reasons. Also, it takes weeks for everything to get processed in order to even get a return email. Ugh.

3. In late September we started our full bore practices for Gemma’s Cabaret. This was a fund raiser in memory of a little girl who passed away at 6 weeks old in our church. There has been a fund set up to help families of children with the same heart condition that Gemma had. The practices took much of my time between the actual rehearsals and the preparations of all the events of the night. We also sold food to raise money so there was quite a bit to organize. The even went off without a hitch on October 18th and we were all excited to have raised $1300 for the evening. (WIth the amount of people there, that is a large number) I of course caught a cold as I always do under heavy stress and lack of sleep. It WAS however, worth it all.

4. Now I sit here, back in the job hunt with a recent email stating that I did not pass an assessment to sell insurance. AAA has an on line assessment that decides whether you can hack it as an insurance salesman and I apparentlycan’t! So, with the brightest spot on my job radar in recent weeks gone, prayer is heavier than ever. It does seem obvious that it was God however that did the door slamming. I had decided to take the position even though it was 10k less than I needed to live for the first three months. I was going to get a part time job and cover what I needed until I could start getting commission. God apparently didn’t like that decision. Many times it is easy to put things on God when they do not go your way, “Oh it mustn’t have been God’s will!”, however I do have a certain peace that doe snot normally envelop me like this. I KNOW that it was God who shut this door

5. Just thought it looked better with 5. Go Phillies!


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