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When Do We Become Out Of Touch?

It is inevitable. At some point we will not have any clue what is going on in the world. I don’t care how often you check the most popular tweets, you will eventually be out of the loop. We need to deal with it and move on.

Many of you I am sure have seen the recent Beloit College Mindset List and everything that is says about incoming college freshmen. In case you missed it, bottom line is this:

  • The “green giant” brings up visions of Shrek not veggie picker.
  • Salsa has always outsold ketchup.
  • The KGB never officially existed.
  • They have never used a card catalog to find a book.
  • Gas stations never fixed flats but most serve cappuccino.

This is interesting to me, however not shocking since these studies have been going on since the 80s, but interesting none-the-less since I am in the place where I could go either way with some of them.  A specific example is the green giant. If you were to asks me who the green giant is…I would say the veggie picker. However, I do not remember hearing about a gas station fixing flats except for stories from my dad. Ah the beauty of being an Xer.

So you see, at some point we will be out of touch when we come to the place where we do not see the world as our kids do. It is going to happen at some point. So, are you ready for it? I don’t think I am…well, I am ready to use all those saying like “when I was your age” and “we used to have to …”

It will be great. I just wonder when it will happen.



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Death By Love

I’ve been reading Driscoll and Breshears’ book Death By Love for a little while now and I must say that it is great. It is a departure from Driscoll’s other books and even from Vintage Jesus which is also a collaboration between the two. It is an interesting book, and one that is doing for me something that no class at college ever did but wished that they had. This is a summary of what Jesus did on the cross. Semesters could be devoted to this specific aspect of Jesus’ life but I was unable to take this class. This I can only assume is an issue for Christians all over that have an understanding of how they can be saved; but do not have an understanding of why or how it was made available. This is the theology behind our salvation and the various things that Jesus accomplished on the cross. This needs to be preached in churches. Not this book mind you, but the theological points made in every chapter. Every one of these has been so thought provoking that I have had to stop and pray for a few days in between every chapter. Between this book and For the Love of God by D.A. Carson I am not going to ever read the Bible the same way again.

Now I realize that this has been said about many books over the course of life and I am but a lone moron with enough technological fortitude to open up a wordpress account…but I am going to say it anyway. This has changed my thinking much like, Knowing God by Packer and The Great Divorce by Lewis. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t use this book as a textbook on the cross since it is not written in a form that would lend itself to a classroom setting. I would, however, make the chapter divisions the outline for the semester. It is interesting that I am not necessarily learning things that I never learned before; it is that I am putting what I have learned into life application through the use of the letters that Driscoll writes.

I encourage you all to study the cross in a new way and I would suggest this book at the conduit for that study.


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