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Baby Steps?

My youngest has been singing ever since gathered worship this morning. Power, power, wonder working power; of course it’s the Sean Dutton version not your typical piano/organ combo. It makes me happy to know that she is paying attention but it also is quite scary. You see, I am pretty sure that it the first time we have sung that song since she has been staying out with us before Sunday school. This means that she learned something after one hearing.

What does this mean for me? How many times has she heard me apologize to her after acting selfishly toward her? How many times has she heard me pray for our family? How many times has she heard me tell L that I love her? How many time has she heard so many of the things that will teach her more about the Gospel than any of the different versions of Daniel and the lions den. What she hears from my mouth regarding God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the Gospel…all these things matter much more than buying her the newest kids Bible, or sending her off to Bible class, or even when she gets older – shipping her off to Youth Group. We sometimes think in terms that would label this as baby steps but in actuality they are the very steps that will be with you for your entire life. If you ever get to a point that you do not need to do this, you have actually retarded your understanding as opposed to strengthened your understanding. Live the Gospel in front of your children.

Why does she need to hear this from me? I am her father. This comes with great responsibility as well as the opportunity for great blessing. If you can’t remember the last time you apologized either IN FRONT of your child or TO your child; consider that a reason to go do it right now.

Being a parent is not able being perfect, it’s about sharing God’s grace in your life with your children.


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Camp Coldwell 09

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Take a Break

No More PleaseI just love this picture. It makes me laugh EVERY time I see it. We had just given her medicine and she was not happy with us. I decided to ease up today and just chat. I don’t want to make it sound unimportant however since I am God’s child and He wants to give me good gifts. So, even when I do not speak of what I am reading or what I am thinking, I am experiencing His gifts. Children, technology, beer, wait sorry…soda. Today I want to share some pictures of gifts that God has given me. True I am looking for work, but I am still better off than 97% of the world as I sit here. So, here are just some of my gifts.

I seem to be having a problem with this so I will just make a gallery…check out the page titled Gifts.

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Late Morning

Daddy and Me
Daddy and Me

So here we are. Sleeping in until 7 AM!!!!! I am usually a 5am kinda guy but not with my little girl beside me. She had shots yesterday and so she ended up in our bed last night. I didn’t get to workout this morning but I was able to do this.

So many things to say so few gigs to put it on. There have been many different happenings in the last few weeks that have thrown me for a loop. Many things that I would love to see from God’s point of view as I search to find a future within His will. Things are happening and life will be changing here in a while. I wonder if the change will be hard to take?
I have been studying Reformed Theology recently and have come to the conclusion that it is not as evil as my upbringing has led me to believe. I first had my interest peaked while in college and there was a guy there who was all about the Reformed way of life. I was always intrigued by Mr. Keith D. and I wish I could hang out with him now to see where he fits into everything. I attended a Nazarene Church in TN which has roots in the Wesleyan movement. In fact, I can still picture the Wesley Study Bible that EVERYone walked around with. I remember being intrigued with the ideas that they had. Although never FULLY agreeing to what they were saying I can say that i felt at home there and was not looked down upon for my (correct) beliefs. As I came home to an Independent Baptist Church (read into that whatever you want) I was struck at how they were similar as much as different. Either way, it still didn’t click to me. I am finding myself drawn to the ideas of the Reformed tradition ore and more. A while ago I explained that I was liberal in my conservativeness. I was asked to explain that and couldn’t. I knew it in my head but couldn’t put it to words.  Then I found churches like Mars Hill (the good one in Seattle) and The Village in TX (give em the benefit of the doubt). These guys are reformed but not stodgy. They are what I thought I was but could not put words to.
I drink beer. Beer is ok.
People need to repent or face hell.
These two ideas can co-exist!
Yeah new-reformers! Check out their podcasts. You WILL be drawn to God.
So I think I need to start reading more R.C. Sproul. I never thought I would hear myself say that!

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What a night

So this has been an interesting night. After getting everything I needed for video game night, I settled into the church for a night of fun and fellowship. I was in the process of getting the iPod hooked up to the sound system when the storm of the century came to Scarborough. I mean it. I haven’t seen it rain that had since Tennessee. Well, after a few minutes it happened. Power failure. This however is no big deal because being on a major road, the church is usually one of he first places to get power back. As I am wondering where to find CMP’s number the phone rings, it is the alarm company calling…I reset the alarm but apparently they call anyway. I give them my name and off I go. This is not where it ends…the fire alarm is ALSO going off and I have no way of resetting this as I do not have THAT key. So, as I sit in the church wondering when the power will come back on, the original alarm starts going off again. I entered the pin again but it didn’t look like it took so I entered it in again. Oh, it took the first time so when I entered it again, I set the alarm. As I walked into the sanctuary the sound of a true burglar alarm starts. The one that you can hear a half mile away…I run to turn off the alarm AGAIN and the phone rings. It is the security company once again calling to see what’s up. Come to find out, I have the pin to set/rest the alarm but I do not have the account number so if they call twice…I am out of luck. They said they would call their contact person (Bill) and let them know so I figure everything got taken care of.

The power never came back on…we had to cancel video game night…that is a lot of junk food that I have to find a stomach for.

Just when I think it’s over, I come home to find out that my in laws are on their way over with a present. A pool! They bought us a pool. So, I get started opening and setting it up when the air pump dies and I have to leave it laying on the grass. Bummer.


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