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Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. Years ago his “I have a dream” speech sent chills through the spines of millions of people and continues to do so today. His vision is with us all and we continue to fight for that ultimate brotherhood of man. We got the house and the senate to put it on paper but are we any closer to what he dreamed today than we were those many years ago? One of my good friends is always saying that we need to change lives not laws. I couldn’t agree more. This plays itself out every day of our lives when we are faced with discontented, angry, and hopeless people. We scream about abortion laws, marriage laws, tax laws…but we never even whisper about Jesus.

Rhetoric does not satisfy the soul. New laws will not feed people who are starving for purpose. Only Jesus does. Two thousand years ago He proclaimed that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. (Matt: 4:4). Are you hungry? broken? dispossessed? searching for meaning? purpose?…Do you thirst for truth? God wants to speak to you straight from His heart. After hope and reason have failed, faith conquers.       -Wellington Boone-

As much as I admire MLKJ for what he said AND for what he did to back up his words; I can’t help thinking that he would be saddened to see where we are…yeah sure we’re about to place a black man in the white house. I understand the historical nature of that, not as much as others, but I understand. I can’t, however, help but think that he would say that we still have it all wrong when we focus so much on the color of the skin and not the color of their heart. People need Jesus. Whether Obama is black or white does not change the fact that people need Jesus. (Note: do NOT cue People Need The Lord by Steve Green)

Maybe I’m all washed up…forgive me if I am. I dunno, I guess if we want to honor him we should use this coming Monday to introduce people to the One who can give them a better dream…wow that sounded much better in my head. That was horribly cheezy. Ugh.



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