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Liturgy – Whether you know it or not

A recent article by Ed Stetzer raised a question I had only asked in my head. Aren’t ALL of our worship services full of liturgy? In this article, Ed interviews Mike Cosper who is the author of Rhythms of Grace. This looks like a great book and I hope to read it at some point.

About one year ago I was asked to take over the structure and organization of Sunday mornings at Lakeside Community Church. The basic ‘schedule’ of what happened was already set, we just needed a point person to take care of some of the details. One of the things we were able to put in place is a basic structure of Prepare-Preach-Participate. We prepare our hearts with singing and giving, we hear the Word preached, and we participate with more singing and corporate prayer. This is our liturgy. What’s yours?

Here’s the deal, I have visited many many churches in New England in my lifetime. The bottom line is that  your bulletin is the same  as every other church in New England right down to that very same font that I can see from a mile away. The announcements are basically the same. The songs are basically the same. The order of service is basically the same. Yeah we have a cool three section rubric for our services but it is basically the same.

Every church has that person, you know the one, a strongly liturgical background that freaks out every time anything formal is spoken. Every person also has the other person pulling everyone towards daily liturgical readings from 500 years ago. Whether we realize it or not, our services are liturgical. They SHOULD be designed to point us to Christ. Some services point us to man. That is a horrible sin.

That is our liturgy. What’s yours?


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