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Well. Nothing like a good ole’ seizure to liven things up. On March 13, 2010 our lives were made a bit more complicated by my wife’s aneurysm. Things have changed for our family as we have adjusted to the side effects of all the things that happened. There are many manifestations of these ┬áchanges but one thing remains the same. God is great – So we don’t have to be in control.

This week L had a seizure. It is nothing she had ever experienced before and it happened (once again) in front of the children while I was not with her/them. She knew something was happening and tried to text me but her fingers and her brain could not communicate enough and as she handed the phone to my oldest, she slipped out of her chair and into a seizure. I had absolutely no control over that yet God is still great.

These are the times that make us react in such a way that make us say,”God must be getting us ready for something big!” Well, what if that was the something big? What if your whole life was in preparation for tragedy? What if all you went through culminated in you being made weak?

All my life I have believed that God was preparing us for something and this was/is our way of having us feel important. This thought preys on our desire to self-glorify. “God is going to use me for something big!” we tell ourselves and each other. We must be something special we tell each other. So what did L’s time in the hospital get us ready for…a seizure? Is that what the BIG thing was?

What if I never do anything at all that is big?

Then to God be the glory as it is all His!


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