New Job?

Since I last posted, 7+ months have passed and it is quite fitting that it referenced something big about to happen.

I started my new job with AAA as an insurance salesman. I am close to being considered a tenured agent in property and casualty and I throw up in my mouth a little every time I think about it. My dad is doing well with his cancer and my wife is still a miracle. It has been a challenge with so much happening in my life at such a fast pace, I am finding it hard to get used to normal. Well, it happened, something big. 

As a result of Laurie’s aneurysm, we have been told that it is not safe for her to carry another child. Since we both were/are interested in more children we had to turn to other methods. We were presented with an opportunity to adopt two children out of Haiti and things fell into place in less than a 24 hour period. Something big did happen and so far there HAS been coffee.

To think about everything that has happened in 2010 is overwhelming but it doesn’t seem to look as big as what is coming. 5 children. Two that don’t speak english. I hope to update more as God reveals Himself to me in this process and I learn more and more about who He is. The Gospel has been more real to me now than in years past and I thank Him for His grace and mercy. Not too much to say her other than wow. I look forward to continuing this and picking up the pace a bit. There is a lot going on and I would love feedback as I chronicle this process of the Gospel changing my life through adoption.



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  1. Exciting time to be a part of all of this with you and your family! Still waiting for an update as it is now-March 21st! 😉

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