Merriam Webster defines coping as “to meet one’s day-to-day needs”. I have been approached numerous times in the past months with questions regarding how I am coping with the news of 1st my father’s cancer and 2nd, almost losing my wife to a burst aneurysm. If we look at the definition of what coping means…I guess my answer is that I am not coping very well at all. I am failing miserably at coping with everything in my life. God, however, isn’t having a hard time at all meeting my day-to-day needs. In his book You Can Change, Tim Chester says that behind every sin or negative emotion is a lie. When we choose not to trust in God we are believing a lie that something else deserves more trust.

Some dear friends of mine have been preaching the gospel to my heart through this time specifically with certain aspects of God that are summed up in that same book by Chester.

God is great so we don’t have to be in control

God is glorious so we don’t have to fear others

God is good so we don’t have to look elsewhere

God is gracious so we don’t have to prove ourselves

As my life seemed to be getting out of control I had a choice to believe the lie that God is not in control or I could rest in the truth that God is great. Thank God for men in my life who preached the Gospel to my soul and by the grace of God, enabled by Jesus’ death and life, empowered by the Holy Spirit I was able to believe that God is indeed great.




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2 responses to “Cope

  1. Thank God for His glorious Gospel and the people he puts in our lives who preach it to us in season and out of season. Your faith in Christ for daily life is increasingly evident. To Him be the Glory.

  2. M Schoff

    All glory to God when we realize without Him our lives are surrounded in the “chaos” of sin. We need Him. Somehow, we think our lives have value to the Creator but in all reality He does not need us but we so desperately need Him. No other can comfort us as the great Comforter and no other can love us in a gracious love than our Heavenly Father. May He continue to bless your family and may you continually give Him all the glory. You are loved.

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