November Is Here

In case you hadn’t noticed the previous posts; November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. This month I hope you will take some time to do something extra in order to support the people whose lives have been changed by this disease as well as those who work to end it.

Here are 10 things that you can do to take action in November. Make sure you notice #3 as a simple way to help and make your voice known and heard.

I know sometimes it is hard to focus on anything other than the 54 shopping days until Christmas as of today. I know that Target for one had Christmas stuff/junk/decorations right next to the Halloween decorations. I can only assume that Thanksgiving will get less space than Halloween received. While it is hard, I would encourage us all to focus on what we have…or don’t have. We have an opportunity to do something this month that we normally wouldn’t have done.

This is the time I start writing a tear jerking paragraph about how we need to be thankful and thinking of others…blah blah blah. You have heard that before. You know what should be written. Instead of reading and feeling sappy and teary…let’s go do something. Use purple frosting and be ready when people ask you why you did it, buy a purple tie and wear it every week, give money…do something. I will be adding some specific ideas as the month goes on and I hope to reach all kinds of people with the ideas. Feel free to leave some for all of us in the comments section.


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