Nothing Much

OK here goes. Lord, we just ask that You come and minister to us in this place. We love You and ask that you just teach us Your desire for us. Just reach down and take a hold of us Lord. We come to You as people who need Your guidance and pray that You just lead our lives. We also pray Lord that you would just take our cares and….blah blah blah.

OK so how many of you do that? I am not sure what caused this to click in my mind this week, but why do we say just when speaking to God? I have a theory. We say the word just in order to make our requests sound like an afterthought. Oh Lord, just do this one little thing. I know You can do it so I am asking in a very pagan way in order to try and trick You into doing it. If I can convince You that it wouldn’t be a big deal, then You will do it without thinking.

This is pagan. When we try to manipulate God by choosing our words carefully, we are acting as pagans. I know, you have never tried to manipulate God in your prayers…liar. I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown just into the mix. Yeah I may not have specifically thought about what I was saying but I definitely can see where this attitude would infect my prayers.

Words mean something, pay attention the next time you pray. What words are you using? What do those words mean? Is God not so awesome that we should take care of the words we use to speak to Him?




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  1. Lori `

    good thoughts. I think it could also be punctuation…you know…similar to using “Lord” as punctuation. (in place of commas and such). “Just” a thought.

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