So as we were perusing the 4th of July section at the maaht*, my eldest daughter gets a horrified look on her face and screams in disbelief. “Daddy, these are red, white, and blue pinatas! Pinatas are from Mexico! How can we have pinatas for our holiday?”

I quickly explained that people will sell anyone anything for any amount specifically because we live in a free country due to the 4th of July. I then went on to explain the relationship between buyer and seller in a free marketplace. I am pretty sure that sentence doesn’t make sense but that’s ok cause she’s 6 and wasn’t interested anyway. She then screamed again…”Daddy, they even say Mexico on them!” I looked to where her finger was pointing and sure enough, on a sticker, ON the stars and stripes pinata…it said Mexico. She was not impressed! Shame on you walmart* or is it supposed to go in front *walmart. Eh, either way there new setup is dumb. If you are going to the junk store to buy something…at least have a good selection of junk to pick from. They have shaved their selection to the point that it isn’t even worth going in anymore…ok off topic.

Pinata…can you believe it? Mexican pinatas for the 4th? I better not find any of you using one…I don’t even care if they are full of skittles…I’ll tell my daughter on you. Save it for May 5th!



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