I have been thinking quite a bit lately on how I can give more. Not speaking of money here for that is simply a result of employment. My financial output matches my financial input at this point but that is soon to change.

The part I have been thinking about is my time and effort. There was a point in my life where all I ever did was ministry (with a lower case m). I was always busy either hands on or thinking through or planning ministry. This kept me busy and gave me purpose, but many times I found that the business was my idol. I am not saying anything new here as there are countless book and blogs on this very subject. We get it, business is meaningless. The issue comes when, once we realize that our time is a offering to God as well as everything else in our lives, we look to see what we should do.

So, I am trying to figure out how and where to plug back in. Where is my Ministry? When I ask that question, I am not thinking in specifics but in general. If my life is Ministry all the time, then what specifically can I do in order to best my Ministry. Instead of thinking what Bible study to be a part of or what program to help with, I should be looking to see what the best opportunity to strengthen my life Ministry is. This takes a bit of thinking and praying along with openness to what is placed in front of me.

Remember: God’s will is more about the next five minutes of your life than the next five years.



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