I caught myself doing something today. I am not sure exactly when it started, but I am sure that it was early on in my life. I realized that I have been doing this for quite some time now but it has never occurred to me like it did this morning. You see, I am taking a certification exam today for Microsoft Vista and I was asking God for His help. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that right? Here’s where it skips the rails though…see if this sounds familiar in your life. Lord, I need Your help today. This exam is very important for both my career and the certification of the company. I need to lean on You today, rest in Your wisdom, and rely on Your grace.

OK, what was wrong? Did you catch it? If you did…good for you. If you didn’t…join the club. For years I prayed for God to help me with ____ because I needed Him for it. For years I prayed that He would help me because I needed Him today. Then today it hit me…what about yesterday? What about the other exam?

I need God. It isn’t a matter of knowing what the hard things are and making sure you give them to Him. I know that my theological construct was not based on only needing Him for certain things but that it how I prayed. My understanding and my initial reaction to situations were not matching up. If I truly believe that I need Him for everything, then why would I pray that I need Him for this and that specifically? I know that for some this sounds like I am needlessly picking apart the semantics of my prayers…but this is needed isn’t it? Shouldn’t our words more closely match our true beliefs? If they don’t, are they true beliefs? Is it truly the foundation of your life that you need God? Is it truly the foundation of your life that God’s grace is needed every day and for everything that happens in your life?

God, I need You. I need You today just as I did yesterday and just as I will tomorrow. Please help me…and give me my daily rations of grace. The only reason that I am able to even take the exam is but for the grace and mercy that you have given me. Not my will, but Your’s be done.



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