Things are blowing up.

I recently sent out a prayer letter explaining what was happening with EE and where I was headed. I have posted it here and hope that you take the time to read it if you are interested. I have been having issues with our new email server so many people have not been receiving their updates. As I have been writing recently, my theology is in the process of blowing up and everything is changing. It all started years ago when I was in high school but did not realize it started that long ago. Either way, I am heading in a new career related direction. The world of IT is calling my name.

I know that the word missional has many connotations but using the strict definition we see it as the adjectival usage of missionary.  That is the life I now seek to live. Read into that what you want. If you are a MacArthur minion…I already know you aren’t a big fan of anything with even a hint of Emerging…too bad for you. There are too many definitions that are still up in the air that we need to nail down before we start throwing out bath water. If you are a McLaren fan…I will be praying for you. You need to understand the atonement!

Bah, not the point I was going for here but my mind left me for a bit. I became a zombie in a botnet for a minute. (ooo I am already using IT terms…I think correctly too!)

Bottom line. I hope that this blog can continue to be a place where I chat about what I see happening today. I’d love for you to join the conversation. And check out my new blog that will be updated irregularly with updates of my IT journey.




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2 responses to “Change?

  1. Derek w

    so what do you think of Reggie McNeal? He’s one of the missional guys. Our whole staff is trying to figure out what missional means for our church in our community.
    sure wish we could go hit the trails again, like the olden days…when you tacoed your front wheel five minutes into the ride….

  2. whatsthemotivation

    First, i think it is great that when I ran a search on Reggie McNeal I found this first.

    I have heard a few things about Leadership Network – nothing good or bad, but nothing specific about him specifically. His Fuller and Trinity connections are nice to see. This article is interesting as well but doesn’t really say much as usual.

    Those were the days. My cousin Jason just bought a house 3 minutes from us so hopefully we will be able to start riding together. There are pole lines by our house and we could ride all over with those. I will never ever forget that first ride when we went with Jason Daye and Jonathan…why I wanted to keep doing it I’ll never know.

    There are a bunch of good sermons online talking about the missional church such as Mars Hill in Seattle, The Villiage in Dallas, and The Journey in St. Louis. I woudl check them out, they are good at describing the overarching term missional. I’ll go try and find the ones I mean and send them to you.

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