And Now

And now for something completely different…a man with three buttocks! (please comment if you know what that is from…Lori I am counting on you…maybe with Mike’s help)

I have officially embarked on getting my A+ certification. After some pushing from various friends I am just going to do it. Yes, that is completely different. I plan on continuing with this blog and…well…vomiting here regularly but my journey to the center of the IT earth begins now. So, tell me what your suggestions are. Do you have IT experience? Do you know exactly what I should do and how to do it…and you LOVE to let people know what they should and shouldn’t do? Let me know.

I am very interested to see what happens as a result of this certification. I am looking to get my MCP in Vista (Microsoft Certified Professional for all you non IT people…I just found that out yesterday ha!) So, hopefully I will be able to make L’s computer actually work…fun times.

So what do you think? Questions? Comments? Social injustices? Leave me one.




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2 responses to “And Now

  1. Lori

    Monty Python!!!! But (no pun intended) of course! And I really didn’t even need Mike’s help. 😉

  2. Lori

    Mike says: “Having 3 buttocks will come in handy if you have a job where you just sit around all day”.

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