Book Review

Been thinking a lot lately about alcohol. Some people do, some people don’t.

It all started with the book Drinking With Calvin and Luther! and what it had to say. It was a good history of alcohol in the church but it wasn’t much more than that. The title was exactly what it was. Which is actuallyrefreshing to see something was what it was advertised as. It was a bunch of quotes and stories from back in the day about good christian folk used to drink up regularly…to the point of saying it wasalmost a sin not to. What followed was a trip down the other side of the coin by reading Should Christians Drink?: The Case for Total Abstinence. I was, and still am, so disappointed.

The introduction starts with the author claiming that his argument is beyond dispute and doubt. At that point I was trying not to throw the book away. I understand that you are writing a book based on your opinion in the first place, however, let the argument speak for itself. If it is truly beyond dispute and doubt then you don’t need to state that in your opening statement.

Chapter One gets right into it by comparing drinking to…get this…war, slavery, and dancing. Seriously? At that point I finished the book for the sole reason that I have a problem with starting a book and not finishing it. Wow, quite a read.

So, if you want a good explanation of the abstinence view, check out John Piper’s view on alcohol.

Otherwise…have a great day. And do NOT pick up that book. Too many trees have died already for it.




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5 responses to “Book Review

  1. So… wanna meet me at the pub and talk scripture?

    peace, my brother.
    Jason <

    • whatsthemotivation

      Sure…let’s meet at Rolla, MO and hope they have a pub. only 1400 +/- miles for each.

  2. I love how you ended that with “Cheers” the perfect ending to a blog about drinking!

  3. Genoise

    I was gonna ask about your signing off with “Cheers” at the end of your posts. Are you an ’80’s boy, or what?! 😉

    Thanks for the review. I’m right there with you on the way you said the author intor’d his book. The argument should speak for itself.

    Check out this post:

    If you get a chance, read some of his other material. What little I’ve read I’ve found thought provoking and encouraging. He’s just an ordinary guy like yourself, trying to grow in the Word. Let me know what you think.

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