And You’re Point Is…

Why am I doing this? I yap about this and that, put it out there for people to see, and think of what I am going to say/quote next. Recently I have been thinking about how much my theology is getting blown up as I read more and ore Scripture. I think this has been somewhat of an outlet for me to write what I am getting hit with. My posts are more cathartic than anything as I don’t seem to raise a point…speak of it…then conclude my point. My blog seems to be more of a bucket for brain vomit. Even that line just kinda fell out of me just now.

Ok so, is that where I am headed? A simple bucket blog where I can let people into my life/mind. Is this going to me my creative ministry for a season…or forever? I want to be intentional in what I do, especially in this time in my life. There are many things that can crowd out my time from God and if you know me lately, the last thing I need is another time sucker in my life taking time away from God. We are stewards of time just as much as we are stewards of money. This blog needs to be intentional and meaningful no matter what the point is. I guess that IS my point. If this becomes nothing more than a place to use time…I pray that Jesus would lead me to repentance of that. So I pray.

I pray that my vision for what my life is honoring to the One who gave me life. A while ago Mr. Josh Otte was kind enough to be led by the Spirit and post THISteaching from CJ Mahaney about the use of our time. I screamed through it when I first read the post and both my wife and I were inspired…then I got busy. Huh…

After speaking to a good friend today about his recent organization of his intentionality. (That sounded more impressive than I was expecting). This good friend, who happens to be Josh the author of the linked blog, was able to stir in me a desire to do the same. Last year I wrote out many things that I wanted to accomplish but they all ended up being so specific that nothingwas accomplished as my life morphed. I look forward to the opportunity to do this in my life. To put intentionality in my life. When that happens…I will figure out what this blog thing will be.

Until then…bucket o vomit it is.



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4 responses to “And You’re Point Is…

  1. wellwateredgarden

    Don’t we have enough talking heads already? So you swallowed a dictionary … so what?

    What exactly is your point?

  2. whatsthemotivation

    Curious…never been accused of swallowing a dictionary. Thanks for the hit.

  3. wellwateredgarden

    Aren’t you the one who called a ‘bucket o vomit?’ Who do you suppose would be interested in that?

    You probably have all kinds of good and encouraging things to say … except that you’re not saying them.


  4. whatsthemotivation

    Not trying to win an award here. Thanks for the hit.

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