I have never been a big fan of goals. In my past they have been nothing more than records of failures. I have never been much of a finisher…what was I saying? Oh yeah, I have never been much of a finisher. I’m more of the big idea guy. I have even taken all those tests that tell you what kind of person you are or what kind you will turn out to be. I remember in my Pastoral Theology class in college that my test results came back as just that. The big idea guy who thinks stuff up and gives it to someone else to implement. So, in all fairness there are careers that take that trait and make them profitable…I just need to convince someone to give me a shot.

Anywhoo, I realize that I have in fact had goals in my life, however, they have always been irrelevant to my life. Professional athlete, king, hardwood floor installer…ok so that one I COULD do. My point is…

Yeah I don’t like to finish things. Started watching the Driscoll series on Song of Solomon and it is great. I am looking forward to getting to know more about one of the least preached on books in the Bible. Here is a great story on Driscoll by New York Times Magazine. I like many of the things that it speaks about concerning the return to Calvin, Luther etc and the retreat from sissified Jesus. Gets me excited about Jesus.


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  1. Driscoll on SOS! Great stuff wait til you get to the dance one!

    ps like the new blog layout, just say it cuz I use googlereader!

    PPS Driscoll thing in NYT was done well.


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