What Makes My Mind Work?

It Just Does
It Just Does

Ok seriously. As soon as I saw this picture I thought, this is a picture of my life as a Christian up until this point. Hairy, ugly, and lazy. Why you ask?…It just does.

What the heck are you talking about Coldwell? Well, I don’t know. I know what the Bible says. Why don’t I do what it says?…because like Matt Chandler says…I have learned truths faster than I have been able to apply them. So I was like a caveman sitting in a jacuzzi.
I was able to ‘make it’ in church. I had arrived. I got to the place in church where I had the respect of the leaders as an ‘up-and-comer’ ready to minister to the masses. I had the Bible degree and the training and it was a matter of time before things got big. Unfortunately I had no idea that my teeth were crooked, I needed a shave…BAD, and…I was a caveman! I was clueless to my actual condition. I had surrounded myself with yes-men who never called me out and said…”Hey, you smell and you need a shave!” I was educated beyond my ability to apply.
I had no idea what the grace of God meant or how the Gospel of Jesus Christ should/could impact my life. This book by D.A. Carson is blowing me up. It is showing me how much the Bible ultimately exposes sin and shows God’s grace by what Jesus did. It is time that I start shaving, get out of the jacuzzi, and relying on Jesus to apply His truths to my life.
I am about to do some study on Ephesians and the insane amount of spiritual warfare that Paul deals with in that book. When you read Acts 19 to see what happened there before you read the book, it blows up your understanding of the spiritual realm. We do not live in a dualistic earth. Our earthly bodies have a spiritual element that too many people/churches have ignored for too long. How much of what we suffer from is spiritual?…ok no preaching here just something that has been pressing my heart and it all came to life today after talking to a good friend. God is doing some things with me and I am scared/excited to see what is next.
I also wonder if I like this blog theme…I think I like the black better…

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