New Look

Yeah I know, a new look for the blog. Well, here it comes, the reason for the change…dum da da dummmmm…   Cause I felt like it. I plan on changing the picture on the top every now and then so that is cool. Not sure if I like the white or not but I knew it was a change from black.

I mentioned on my Christmas Day post that I received a book entitled For the Love of God. I have since started this book and I am enjoying it tremendously. It is a day by day reading plan based on M’Cheyne’s reading plan. A great reading plan which is used by many including John Stott. I had only heard of this once from one of Stott’s books Between Two Worlds but since getting this new book by Carson, I have the opportunity to do more than hear about it.

Like many other daily reading books, D.A. Carson provides practical application on a section of the reading. There are four chapters to be read for every day and in volume one of this set, he comments on one of the first two chapters. In volume two he comments on one of the last two chapters. So far this has been an amazing experience. It is more practical than I have ever experienced in daily Bible reading…and many sermons. Of course, it is still early and he might have put all his good stuff in the beginning to hook me so I won’t give up when it gets droll later. (I love that word…droll…are you impressed?) I find that many daily reading plans are just that…droll. They become very simplistic or childish…whimsical is how Merriam Webster defines it. Many seem to have a whimsical Thomas Kinkade frost over everything and don’t deal with practical matters enough. I need something to call my sin what it is; and that is sin. Here is an excerpt from the introduction. Go out and pick it up if you are looking…or even if you are not.

In no way do these pages pretend to be a commentary as that word is commonly understood. My aim is much more modest: to provide edifying comments and reflections on some part of the designated texts, and thus to encourage readers to reflect furthur on the biblical passages they are reading. If there is something unusual about these comments, it is that I have tried to devote at least some of them to helping the reader keep the big picture os the Bible’s “story line” in mind, and to see what relevance this has for our thinking and living. In other words, although I want the comments to be edifying, this edification is not always of a private, individualized sort. My aim is to show, in however a preliminary a way, that reading the whole Bible must stir up thoughtful Christians to thinking theologically and holistically, as well as reverently and humbly.. Volume Two includes an exhaustive index of names, subjects, and Scriptures for both volumes.

If you end up getting this set, please let me know how it is working for you. It has been a great exhortation to me and had caused repentance in my life already.



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