You Stink!

The story goes that once there was a little girl who wanted to welcome her new teacher to school. As everyone said hello and introduced themselves, this little girl pushed her way in and handed the teacher a bouquet of flowers. As the teacher knelt down to thank her, the girl spoke as the room hushed to hear what she would say. “These flowers will soon die but you will smell forever!”

I can’t imagine being there trying to hold back my laughter as this girl so honestly said what she thought was right to honor this teacher. The question then becomes, “Do you smell?”

The girl was right, her teacher WILL smell forever. The question isn’t whether she will small or not but whether she will smell beautifully or…not so much. In Acts 1:8 Jesus says that we will be witnesses; not might be, not could be, not even should be, but WILL be. The question isn’t whether we smell but how well we smell. The question isn’t whether we are a witness but whether we are a good one or not. Jesus does not give us the option of sitting this one out. We can not fill out a witness exempt form. We WILL be witnesses. Now, anyone who has read C.S. Lewis knows that we are not called to be expert witnesses in everything. In fact we will never get to the point in our lives where we could be called upon as THE definitivewitness on anything. We can only speak of what we know and that is that we once were blind but now we see! John 9:25 is our outline for success.

When you are dead and gone you will still smell forever. Your witness will continue even when you are not here to control it. It is a very humbling thought.


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