Pulling the Strings

Been thinking lately about what is holding me up. It seems as though we attach ourselves to the things we want and they end up pulling our strings. Think of a marionette performance. Each of those strings is a concrete connection to both the doll and the puppet master. If we look for our happiness in cars, cars will be pulling the strings. If we look for 0ur happiness in our family, our family will be pulling the strings. Everything we do will be a result of our master pulling on the strings. There are so many good things that can grab a hold of us and take over our lives. I have been thinking specifically about church lately. Do we let the church (notice the lower case ‘c’) pull our strings? There are so many people who will push the church and everything it does/is/needs but rarely do we see that being 100% in line with Jesus.

Ok, now before you think I am headed down the path of bitterness towards the church or towards Evangelicalism in general…you’re wrong. I have just been thinking about the church lately, this entire thing can be said about other things such as family or toys. How many people work all week so they can come home and go out on their (insert random gas powered vehicle here) and ignore anything that will actually give them joy. Family…does family pull the strings? Let’s think of it another way; if your brother dies at 23 what happens? Does your family string get cut leaving you heaped on the floor?

Marionette…what is pulling your strings? That is your idol. I need to let God take the strings before one gets cut.


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