Black Coffee and Peanuts

Very contemplative today. Nothing specific, just an overwhelming sense of curiosity and wonderment. Jesus is a big deal. Many speakers and authors have mentioned the far-reaching nature of the life of Jesus. Literally billions of people have been affected…wait, affect effect…influenced by His life. Ugh, as I write this iTunes went from Delerious? to some random bad song I didn’t even know I had! Way to ruin the mood iTunes! I am reading The Shack right now in order to have a valid opinion to give people who ask about it. I have a feeling it isn’t as bad as people say it is but we’ll see.

Jesus is still a big deal though.


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One response to “Black Coffee and Peanuts

  1. I like it a lot! There were a few iffy things- but as a whole it was very good!

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