Oh My Goodness

So, L and I were very excited to get out of the house on time today. We were planning on getting to church at 9:30 in order to join the prayer group before church. Well, S woke up naked, sitting on urine soaked sheets. This obviously putus a little behind. We managed to still get out of the house in time to fill-er-up at Sam’s for 3.99 a gallon. We arrive at church and it all goes crazy. S won’t get out of my arms so i don’t make it to prayer, a girl fainted in the entryway, there were extra children in the nursery, and literally half the communion bread was knocked onto the floor.

Ummmm who thinks Satan was at work? It is interesting that as we get closer to hearing what God has to say to us in Acts, it is getting harder and harder to ‘do’ church. Things are happening, I won’t say ‘going wrong’ since none of that was wrong per se, however, it was out of the ordinary and I think, meant to distract us. I am so excited about what is happening at church.

Many things are going on Harvest Bible Chapel in Scarborough, ME. Come join us!


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