Two weeks. Two weeks to give what God has given me to say. I know where I was headed, but did I get there? Preaching has always been cathartic for me as I close in on what God has for me each time I bring the Word to others. Whether it is for youth ministry, small groups, or a church service; it has always brought my mind into ‘that’ place. The place where theology meets methodology. Where emotion and volition meet God. I do not fancy myself a preacher as much as a guy who preaches. When I think of preachers I think of people who at any time can bring the Word of God to the people. What I do is more like ranting, however, it still feels so right. I look forward to tying up the loose ends that left untied last week. If you wonder what I mean, feel free to check out the podcast from Harvest Bible Chapel Scarborough, ME. I started Nehemiah and I think I left people more confused than they came in. Hopefully, however, I will bring it all together and say to them what God has said to me. Hope to hear from you if you check out the podcast.

Go Celtics!


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