Well, I guess my prayer life is taking a turn for the different. As I have recently tried to pray specifically for growth and maturity I have been given a prick in the recess of my mind. Portland has very few, if any, Jesus preaching churches. This probably shocks people to hear but I wonder if I will ever hear of a church that is un-apologetically preaching Jesus? It seems like the only churches I hear about that are doing the Jesus thing are outside of Portland. Do we lack people who care about the city or do we just live too far away now? If you look at population, Portland is where the people are, so why aren’t we there? I’m not necessarily talking about Greater Portland as much as Portland.
Let’s get a church on Congress Street. How about Fore Street? If we had a Saturday evening service in the Old Port…
As I drive through the city I see churches in various stages of disrepair. I hear of churches that exist only because they always have. Is there a place for a church that is a reformed Jesus preaching church in Portland? YES!
I am preaching on June 8th and 15th at Harvest in Scarborough and as I prepare to preach part of Nehemiah, I have been praying that we would minister to Portland like Nehemiah ministered to Jerusalem. What is that going to look like? I wonder if it will take moving into the city and planting a church smack dab in the center of culture. For too long we have been afraid of culture and all that we have to show for it is a christian sub-culture complete with TV, movies, music, books, stores…anything you want to do you can do it ‘like a true christian!’ I don’t want to yap about how bummed I am at the state of church…I want to go.
Hm, God is doing something inside of me and I pray that He would shout instead of whisper.

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