Hershey or Wrigley

Are you living a Fruit Stripe life or a Juicy Fruit life? I realize that some people like fruit stripe better than juicy fruit but c’mon…if you do, you have no taste.
My point is this:
Juicy Fruit gum was invented in 1893 and has served the world with fruity goodness ever since. When I think if fruit flavored chewing gum I think JF. In the early 1960’s some dude invented Fruit Stripe gum. For those who don’t know, Fruit Stripe is a plasticy, painted, weaker version of JF. I hear your minds running now!
Are you living a fake painted life? I used to think that the people in Matthew 7:21-23 were people who were just plain not saved. Now I think differently! These are people who think they are saved! These are the people in our churches right now that think they prayed the prayer. These are the people in our churches right now that do not bear fruit. These are Fruit Stripe christians. Are you a Fruit Stripe christian or a Juicy Fruit christian?
Some who say Lord Lord to Him will get the reply of, “And you are…?”
As for me and my house…I wanna keep the flavor!

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