It’s all about you

So I mentioned that I would be starting a series on Jesus this coming week. Today I started to work on said series and I could have worked late into the night. I was in such a groove that I didn’t want to stop. The major impetus for his series was the sermon series that Mark Driscoll did entitled Vintage Jesus. This was basically I treatice on the basics of Jesus. Who He is, what He said, what it means to us…etc. Many things that happen in the church today can both be impacted and have greater impact when put in the light of Jesus. Our views on missions trips, music, and methodology are rooted in our understanding of Jesus.

It is impossible to leave Jesus out of any equation. While we don’t see His name in the formula many times; we must understand that it was He that created the laws to even allow a formula in the first place. This is similar to the fact that the Pythagorean theorem does not mention anywhere in the equation the word geometry. However, we would be foolish to disassociate geometry with that theorem. It is the under girding…I realize that this is somewhat weak as an illustration, however, I feel that it gets my point across.

We can not delete Jesus from our practical living any more than we can delete capitalism from the US economy. Jesus is the structure of our christian life. Jesus SHOULD BE the structure of our christian life. When even I feel that I am rambling, I must be rambling…I just have so much to say about this.


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