Interesting Week

All last week I heard Bill’s sermon six or seven times. He would come into my office and throw out thoughts of a verse here a verse there and comment on how this should be an easy sermon but it wasn’t. I know now that one of the reasons that it wasn’t easy was that I needed to hear what God had to say through Bill over and over.

I am blessed to be here. ‘Here’ is a big place and I would be foolish to try and explain where it is for fear of not doing it justice. Bottom line is that if I call myself a Jesus follower, I need to love what He loves. Jesus lays it out in the latter part of John 21 that if I love Him, I will love what He loves. I can take this to the general or to the specific and it works either way. Generally I am to love sheep as He loves them and I need to learn to be better at feeding and tending. I know that God has brought me through specific circumstances to be able to minister to His people and be an earthen vessel for His message. But, do I love the message or the title? Do I love the responsibility of a shepherd or do I love the title? Lord, if I love you…I will love what You love!

I need to do this specifically as well, if I am going to love Laurie, I need to love what she loves. I do not see clutter, I do not see dishes in the sink. I wash dishes when I run out of clean ones. Laurie sees the dish as dirty when you walk from the table to the sink. If I am going to say that I love Laurie, I need to learn to see those dishes. I need to learn to see the clutter. I need to love what she loves.

Where to next Lord? Is the fork in the road closer than I think it is, or is it farther away? Help me to love what You love.


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