First One

I am both very nervous and excited for this evening. I feel as though I have been running in and out of church for a year dealing with a family. We go in, get our kids situated and then to get to the sanctuary. Then when everything is over we run to get the kids and try to get home at a decent time so they will all take a nap. As a result of this running in and out, I do not know many of the students that will be here tonight and that kind of bums me out since I would love to already know them. Ah well, gotta start somewhere.

I am very excited to start getting into the nitty gritty probably next week or after we get back from break. I am going to do a series on Jesus. THE Jesus. Since everything is about Jesus and how we react to Him, I figured it was the best place to start. Vintage Jesus is how Mark Driscoll puts it.

So; the beginning is now, the future is later. First things first.


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