Last Night

I must say that it was another great showing for the small Bible college in Maine. If people had any idea of what a gem we have here; they would run to get instruction. As Kent and I rode home, we lamented the fact that there is a stigma associated with the term ‘Bible college’ and NEBC defies that stigma. Sure, it has roots in the conservative baptist tradition and that is clearly their bent, but when they bring in people such as J. Otte and G. Parrett we see that their reach is for the gospel not for conservatism.

That excites me! To know that even a conservative organisation (that’s the British spelling) can realize that God is so much bigger than an ideal for living. I am worried at times when I hear people downplaying the role of NEBC now or in the future. I think that NEBC should seek to have a bigger role in the gospel in New England acting as their logo depicts, as a lighthouse, shining on the rocks without defining and categorising each rock and what type of boat they should use to avoid such rocks.

When the churches in New England can see the college as a resource to train and edify the local churches we will start to see the veil be lifted off New England and reformission will happen. That is not to say that the college is the future of NE as the future should be the church being what God wants. It is clear however that one way we can do that is lifting high the education and training of our leaders.

What does this have to do with me? As the NE rep for EE I can see the need for all facets of the church to be strengthened whether it is academics or evangelism training. I am excited to get out there and minister to the church and to reach out even further into the community as a result of learning more about worship.

This link is to the article that Gary Parrett wrote for Christianity Today which was the basic premise of what he spoke about Sunday evening.

This link is to the other speaker Josh Otte’s blog.

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