An Overdue Update

So it has been a while but I am doing my best.

This past Sunday we visited Chestnut Street Baptist Church in Camden, ME in order to present the ministry. Overall it went well with a positive response. I pray that I will have an opportunity to speak to the church on a Sunday morning.

On May 1st the next CLIMB breakfast will be held and I plan on attending with a friend of mine who will hopefully be able to introduce me to various people in the area. For those of you that don’t know; CLIMB is Christian Leaders In Maine Business. It is an organization that seeks to unite Christian business leaders for various social and religious action.

I will be heading up to Herman Baptist on May 10th in order to speak to the EE graaduates as well as past graduates. I pray that it will be fruitful and I will gaain contacts and supporters.

On May 18th Rev. Roger Blundell will be hosting a dessert night for my wife and I to share the ministry with people that he will invite. I pray that there would be much fruit from this trip as well as renewed contact between myself and a past professor.

On May 4th there is a banquet for this year’s graduates of NEBC and Laurie and I will be attending this to support some past classmates as well as meet with some old aquaintances to seek support. We pray that this would not be a night about us but that we may find encouragement in it.

Hopefully I will update this far more often than once a quarter!

It’s all about the love
Don Coldwell, Jr.


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